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Breeders of traditional British Livestock,

Clun Forest sheep, Angus cattle, Berkshire pigs and
Border Collie dogs.

Our Site

Our site will have quite a number of different sections and subjects to discover. Our different breeds of heritage livestock, our Clun Forest Sheep, Black Angus cattle, Berkshire pigs and Border Collie dogs, will each have their own separate pages.

Black Angus Cattle

I have 5 bulls on test this winter. 2 are at Dale Eastons, Eastondale Angus, and the other 3 are at the Douglas Bull Test Station. They have all done well and soon they will be having their remaining tests done, such as semen test, back fat, scrotal, etc.. If you want any information please give me a ring.

The Sheep Pages and sub menu

Whatever the season, I try to keep a log of some of the things we're doing with our sheep. Like the lambing records for the 2012 season, a full year ago. You can read about our progress, success and failures throughout the lambing season, our management practices, etc..

We'll have ram lambs to sell again this year and maybe some ewe lambs.

Our Farm Page

The farm page will cover our basic production goals, our aspirations and the different produce and breeding stock that we have to offer.

Clun Forest Ram Lambs for sale

At this time, we are about to head into lambing time, 2013.
If you’re interested in a Clun Forest ram for your sheep operation you can find out more about this breed, and our flock, by going to “Our Sheep” page in this web site. Clun Forest are a low hill breed, hardy, easy lambing and make great mothers in most crosses.

Contact Information

Also on our site, I am going to gradually build a library of resources and management information, marketing possibilities, a news / blog section and some videos of our operation and any other interesting subject. I am also going to include a varied selection of links to other like minded sites.

Plus ……………….

Small Farm Magazine

I’m planning to include an online Small Farm Magazine with articles and ideas. I will be relying on everyone out there to help with this. Added to this, I want to build an email address book so that I can keep interested readers informed of anything that’s happening. I want to hear about your farms and your communities.  I’ll be needing, hoping for, your support and ideas, articles and suggestions. 

Stories and Photos

Alongside these words are a variety of pictures that illustrate our farming and area. A fairly simple description tells the story of each separate theme.  There will be further pages to tell of these different subjects. You'll find the headings for these pages at the top of this home page.

Thanks for looking,   Martin Penfold

        Our phone number is:   1-204-722-2036


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Border Collie pups for sale. Go to Border Collie page for more information.
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